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Biomaterials Broken Down: Bio-what?
In recent years, the fashion industry has been captivated by a new wave of technology: biomaterials. But what do these biomaterials actually entail? What does all the terminology mean from bio-materials, to bio-based, to biosynthetics, etc... Find out more here! :)
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Unmasking the Dark Side of Fashion: Environmental Impacts of the Textile Industry
Ask a random person on the street about their thoughts on fashion, and they'll probably talk about their love for it & their bad habits with shopping. Most won't think of the big issues with fashion such as fast fashion, pollution, animal cruelty, etc. Find out more here!
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Exploring The Pros and Cons: Brown Seaweed Harvesting and Production
Scientists have recently been unlocking the secrets of Seaweed, causing them to view it as a superplant. Learn more about what makes brown algae such a beneficial plant to the ecosystem, as well as some of the cons that come along with it.
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Shifting from a Linear to a Circular Economy: Promoting a Sustainable Future
The US has had a Linear Economy, which has helped its progression, but there are some major downfalls to this approach causing a circular economy to be better. What does it all mean and what makes one economy better than the other? Find out more here with Roni :)
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