Performance Materials
Powered By Nature.

We reengineer plant and marine resources to create
innovative materials with unprecedented capabilities.

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Performance Leathers & Fibers

Soarce offers two products both utilizing the same underlying chemistry that allows us to exhibit unique properties including fire resistance, UV protection, anti-microbial properties, odor resistance, and achieving the color white without bleaching or dyeing like traditional synthetic materials (e.g. polyester, nylon, etc.).

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Why Seaweed

Carbon Negative
Seaweed is superior to trees in storing CO2. So much so that it can remove 20x as much CO2 than a tree.

Fast Growing
Seaweed is one of the fastest growing organisms on the planet, capable of growing 2-3 feet per day!

No Land or Fresh Water
Seaweed isn't your typical plant that takes up land. Seaweed can be grown entirely in salt water.

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So What can i use this material for?


Camping/Outerwear Apparel

Take outdoor adventures to the next level with our fabrics! Functionality, Fire Resistance, and Comfort all in one, making camping experiences that much more safe; no more burn holes from the campfire or getting too hot/cold.

Workwear Apparel

No more relying on harmful chemicals to achieve wanted characteristics (e.g. fire resistance, wrinkle resistance, etc) in your fabrics that can be found on restricted substance lists and sacrifices our health and the environments! 
We created textiles with nature and versatility as the core focus!

Motorsports Apparel

Aren't you tired of racers overheating on the track & their performance suffering due to it? Luckily we sought out to solve this issue. Our fabrics keep racers cool, comfortable, and protected from heat/fires so that they can keep that competitive edge.


Now a days many want to be fashionable, but want to be more responsible and in the know of the materials used for their products due to its' typical toxic nature. Due to our clean production of our seaweed fabrics we could provide relief to brands & consumers.


On average 80% of the clothes manufactured in the U.S. end up in a landfill. Which takes 20 to 200 years+ to degrade.

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Polyester is an oil-based plastic that when made into a textile produces the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions per year that 43M cars on the road do.

The Current Textile Industry


Join Us In This Textile Revolution!

We believe in the betterment and preservation of our planet. So we ask potential partners, investors, and farmers that if you'd like to get involved in our mission of changing the entire textile industry to make more sustainable fabrics. Please reach out!