Performance Fabrics

Sourced From The Sea

We at Soarce are producing high performing and sustainable textiles
sourced from bio-materials.

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Why Seaweed?

Seaweed is an extremely sustainable material that grows at a rapid pace. It is capable of storing 20x as much C02 than a tree and in order to grow it does not require any  fresh water, soil, nor fertilizer.

Why Seaweed? 

Seaweed is an extremely sustainable material made from algae.
For this macro-algae to grow it does not require any need of fresh water, soil, nor fertilizer. Seaweed grows at a rapid pace and is abundant in nutrients.


Comfort, Performance, & Sustainability

All In ONE Fabric

A first of its kind natural fabric that is fire resistant and thermal regulating. No coatings nor toxins used. This is fire protection built to last while also reducing hot spots on the body and managing heat to keep you cooler longer.

Seaweed sucks up more C02 than any land-based plant without the need for any pesticides or fresh water; making it a sustainable plastic free material.

As you work out sweat will be drawn away from the body our fabric and bead onto the surface where it will quickly evaporate into the air; keep you cool and dry throughout your workout.

Fire Resistance

Moisture Wicking

Sourced From Seaweed

Micro- Plastics

The Current Textile Industry

On average 80% of the clothes manufactured in the states end up in a landfill. Which takes 20 to 200+ years to degrade.

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Polyester is an oil-based plastic that when made into a textile, or fabric, produces the same amount of greenhouse gas emissions per year that 43M cars on the road do.

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Our Solution

At Soarce we see seaweed as the solution for the carbon dioxide issue that the textile industry has caused. No more using synthetic plastics, that release millions of metric tons of C02 into the atmosphere, as the primary resource for activewear.

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We at Soarce believe that functional fabrics don't have to come at a cost to the environment. So we ask that from now on you become conscious of the clothes you wear by checking the tag on them, to see what materials were used to make them. By finding out the 'SOARCE' of your clothes it can lead you to finding out the true impact they have caused on the world.

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