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Our materials chemistry enables nanoceramics to be combined with biopolymers from seaweed to create versatile materials including leathers, fabrics, and coatings.

SEARAMIC grants us the ability to customize our products as much as the consumer demands. Due to our proprietary ingredients and unique manufacturing process SEARAMIC can be adjusted to the finest detail.

The ceramic nanoparticles embedded within our solution gives the SEARAMIC its performance characteristics of fire resistance, ultraviolet light reflectance, infrared radiation reflectance, anti-corrosion, anti-yellowing, and more. Each one of these characteristics give our products a unique competitive edge against our competitors.

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SEARAMIC's non-toxic manufacturing process has enabled us to create functional additives that don't require non-renewable resources such as fossil fuels. Our bio-based additives are capable of being integrated into any water based manufacturing process and  outperforms your traditional synthetic additives on every front. Our additives enables your products to forgo color fastness, withstand heat/fire, resist yellowing & more!

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Searamic Product
Alternative Leathers

SEARAMIC has enabled us to manufacture leathers that can be tailored to the exact specs you desire. Due to our full control over processing SEARAMIC, we're able to fine tune our leathers to give you that suppleness or toughness you've been craving, that vibrant natural white that you can't find anywhere, and more!

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Searamic Products

SEARAMIC coatings are unlike no other. Our coatings have the ability to be applied to marine vehicles to prevent corrosion from the sea, building interiors/exteriors protect against fires as well as UV & IR light to keep them nice and cool all without using any toxic coatings.

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