Our Solution

Our team of entrepreneurs and material scientists knew that there had to be a better way to bridge the gap between performance and sustainability by using natural resources.

Our team of entrepreneurs and material scientists knew that there had to be a better way to bridge the gap between performance and sustainability by using natural resources.

So We Sought To Make Materials

By Starting With The Sea

Our Approach

Utilizing natural materials capable of creating high performance fabrics without the use of plastics, while simultaneously benefiting the environment... SEAWEED. Seaweed is frequently considered the least environmentally damaging form of aquaculture. This superplant produces: 
   - around
70% of the world's oxygen.
   - requires
no land use, fertilizers, pesticides, nor fresh water to maintain or grow.
   - continually grows after it's harvested
   - removes
C02 20x faster than a full grown tree
   - capable of
growing up to 36 inches per day.
absorbs C02 and Nitrogen from the atmosphere and uses it as an energy source.
   - the
basis of the sea by providing a habitat for marine life.
   - can be used in a
variety of technical applications

Seaweed has a great deal of untapped potential and  is a material of the future that Soarce has been unlocking the secrets of; so much so that it'll soon leave conventional textiles such as polyester, nylon, cotton, etc. all obsolete.

Potential Plants

There are over 25 potential plant species that we could regenerate into performance textiles.


Hemp Stalks and Hurds

Soybean Stalks

Orange Peels

Agave Bagasse

Our Reduction

Zero Plastics
Our textile technology allows us to transform specific types of cellulose rich plants into functional fabrics like never before. At Soarce, we have made a strong commitment to incorporate ZERO plastics in our final products without sacrificing on the performance feature we all love in our workout gear.

Water Conservation
Did you know to make 100 cotton t-shirts, you need 12 swimming pools of water? Just because they are natural doesn't mean it's sustainable. At Soarce, our fabric will be made of plant waste to reduce water consumption by over 85% or regenerative crops that use less water, resources, and don't damage the soil it was grown on.

CO2 Reduction
It's time to stop greenwashing and have a concrete plan for the future. By using renewable resources such as fast growing plants and agricultural waste, we will offset the energy and emissions that would be used to melt down plastic while removing carbon during their growth cycles. We have an ambitious mission but we are dedicated to helping fight climate change at the source.


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Agricultural Sources

A Call To Action To
Seaweed Farmers

We are looking to work with seaweed farmers to offer them new opportunities to distribute their yield. We can bring plenty of business to farmers as long as they're able to produce sufficient amounts of seaweed allowing for continuous fabric production. By working with seaweed farmers this will limit the amount of seaweed we extract from the sea that was naturally in the region.

Instead of farmers selling majority of their yields primarily for food consumption. They can increase their stream of revenue by selling mass amounts of seaweed for natural textile production. For Decades textiles has been a massive industry that increasingly pollutes our air, land, oceans, and bodies with no end in sight. Seaweed farmers can be a part of this story of phasing out pollutive textiles.

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